Field days - 2011

Field days - 2011
5 июля 2011
Siberian Vegetable Growers Academy
 Field Days — 2011
28.07.11 Field Days opening. Novosibirsk City Hall.
01.08.11 Field Day "Agros — Khakassia".
02.08.11 Field Day "Retail trade department".
03.08.11 Field Day "Retail trade department".
04.08.11 Field Day "Agros — Flowers".
05.08.11 Visit to the agricultural enterprise.
08.08.11 Field Day "Agros - Omsk".
10.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Farm enterprises.
11.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Farm enterprises.
12.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Farm enterprises.
15.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Wholesale department.
16.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Private subsidiary farming.
 17.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Private subsidiary farming.
18.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Private subsidiary farming.
19.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Wholesale department.
22.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Wholesale department.
23.08.11 Field Day "Agros". Wholesale department.
24.08.11 Field Day "Agros-Novosibirsk". Leading vegetable enterprises.
25.08.11 Field Days "Agros". Wholesale department.
26.08.11 Distributors of Agros-Siberia and Far East.

 CEO of OOO ATF Agros Potapov N.A.

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